Is Your Baggage Weighing You Down? Why I Decided to Start Packing Light

I had tried being an “open book” and having a “big heart” and “treating others as I want to be treated”. However, in my mind, all I got in return was a broken heart. This is not to say that I was perfect in the relationship, as I’m sure I did my share of wrongdoings, but I just couldn’t figure out why I’d put in so much effort, love so hard, care so much about people, only to have them hurt me in the long run.

The Moment I Realized My Daughter Was Watching

I had to take a long hard look in the mirror. Was I the woman I’d want my daughter to be? Or did I want something more for her? If I wanted more, it was up to me to show her more. To show her how to be fearless, bold, social, outgoing, and confident in who she was. I had to show her how to treat others with respect and to demand the same in return. How to value herself and to know that she is worthy….